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About the winery

The history of Bedin family is similar to other vine-grower families who have cultivated vines for years in Asolo territory.
They have focused on the cultivation of their vineyards, with the attention on the improvement of quality of wine grapes to be sold to local wineries which could afford the bottling and the selling of the wine.

The majority of Bedin vineyards are on hills and produce Glera grapes which give to the Prosecco wine its basic structure; moreover, Asolo hill soil composition is suited to the production of this variety.

In 2006 the Bedins took on a new challenge: to become winemakers. Their strong determination led, in 2013, to the first production of ASOLO DOCG Prosecco wine, proposed in four versions: Extra brut, Brut, Dry millesimato and Extra Dry. They are all made with pure Glera grapes.

The 5 hectares property can guarantee the production of 20.000 bottles and the limited production per hectare is aimed is to produce a high quality Prosecco.
The family estate is located in Pederobba, a village which is in the nearby of Asolo and very close to Valdobbiadene too.

Our mission

Our company is strongly oriented towards the constant search for balance between the respect for nature, through a minimal use of pesticides, and that of our customers, to whom we present a range of products that deviate from the classic “already tried”, and with a sensational quality-price ratio.
We love to convey the typical hospitality of our territory by establishing a direct relationship oriented towards hospitality, concreteness, and simplicity with which we present our products, and which transform our meetings and tastings that we organize into an experience of genuineness and familiarity, avoiding useless frills and self-congratulatory attitudes.

Our Vision

We grow alongside our clients, enhancing the experience we have gained and continuously enriching it with dedication and passion in our work.

In our journey, we always prioritize the naturalness of our production, aiming to establish a relationship with our clients based on care, mutual respect, and trust.

These elements are crucial in creating an essential synergy that turns simple collaborations into enthusiastic and highly satisfying partnerships.

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